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Come Explore Chico Apartments online

We are excited to let our future residents explore our community features and apartments styles.

Grab your VR goggles if you have them, if not you can still explore with the 3D Links below.

Enjoy, and hope to see you soon!

Problems viewing?

All tours were uploaded September of 2017, please keep in mind that some of the decor may have changed.

Pine Tree

  •      Pine Tree Apartments Recreation
  •      Pine Tree 3 Bedroom Apartment

Villa Risa

  •      Villa Risa Apartments Recreation
  •      Villa Risa Rec and Pool
  •      Villa Risa 1 Bedroom Apartment
  •      Villa Risa 2 Bedroom Apartment
  •      Villa Risa 3 Bedroom Apartment

Mission Ranch

  •      Mission Ranch Office, Pool, Rec & Fitness Area
  •      Mission Ranch 3 Bedroom Apartment

Oak Meadow

  •      Oak Meadow Pool
  •      Oak Meadow 3 Bedroom Apartment

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